Share: Cute Tags!

So a quick share of a DIY by The Pretty Blog.    I have been following them for a while and there’s always new and inspiring ideas. These little tags have been my favorite for a while now though. ♥It’s the simple things that make us smile! ♥ Go on, give these tags a try and see if they brighten up your day!


Printing on Fabric (Addictive)

So I’ve been recently exploring new techniques in the craft world and have come across printing on fabric with an inkjet printer. I must admit though it’s quite addictive! 😀 So my first project is finished- a pair of dachshunds on a pillow. For some reason the character of these puppies really cheered me up so though I’ll turn them into something cute. Bit of faux suede and some stitching and Voila! I have printed out some other dogs and puppies, however I’m currently working on another decorative pillow- this time it’s some kittens though!

♥♥♥Mothers Day♥♥♥

Mothers Day has always been one of my favorite days of the year, especially now that I have been living away from home for about 2 years. It’s one day a year, when I can do random things with my dear mother! So this year I baked her favorite cupcakes- Raspberry & Vanilla, decorated with cream cheese and wafer daisies. (She’s a big daisy fan, lol at least I know where i get it from!). Got there early and had some continental breakfast with my parents and then decided to take my mum bowling, since she hasn’t done it for years and last time I checked she liked it. Needless to say she kicked my bum at it, 2 games and she won both by quite a few points. 🙂 We continued with a lovely afternoon of catching up whilst enjoying coffee and danish! I love my mum! She’s the best! ♥



Ok so it’s been a while since i posted something, so here’s a quick catch up.

Firstly my trial at the hairdressers went well however I haven’t heard back from them for about 2 weeks and trying to get hold of them is near impossible too. So without sounding like a giver-upper i am once again hitting the job papers and websites in hope that i shall find something.

Our new VW is divine, it does really well on mpg’s and feels so smooth on the not so smooth roads around here. I can not wait to take it for a weekend road trip to Europe in spring or early summer. 🙂 Perhaps France!?…

I have also ditched my red hair dye and opted for a very spring appropriate shade of strawberry blonde. Although all the colour stripping has left it in a bit of a sad state so I’m currently testing the Pro:Voke Touch of Silver intensive twice-weekly conditioner (although I’m using it daily :P) and the Organix Argan Oil after every wash. These products were working a treat till I stupidly couldn’t stay away from my GHD’s to make my blonde hair all curlly-tastic, so now I’m back to square 1 with a strict no GHD policy (except for special occasions)!!!

On the cooking front not much has happened as I’m still trying to get rid of those dreadful holiday induced extra pounds! However I have replaced most of the meat with fish, turning borderline pescaterian! But then again I love fish & seafood so I’m quite enjoying the new menu in our house and so is my other half as he’s training for Tough Mudder and currently favours balanced diet.

Our New VW

Last night we headed to Ipswich to take a look at a car for sale that’s caught our eye. It’s a VW Passat S 1.9 TDI 130 saloon. It was beautiful, and needless to say we came home with extra car! So today I sorted out the insurance and other stuff and took it for a spin, and OMG!!! I love it to bits! Such a character!!

Another bunch of Cupcakes!

Yesterday I had another urge to get busy in the kitchen and thought I’ll l make some more fancy cupcakes. These were the best cupcakes ever!!!

  • Coconut & Raspberry with Raspberry Butter-cream
  • Carrot mini cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Lime cupcakes with Lime Meringue topping