Spring sort-out.

Our conservatory hasn’t got central heating, so it becomes pretty pointless during the winter months, and bunch of stuff just ends up shoved in there, so it’s out of the way- including all my arts and crafts stuff. However today the sun was out and it turns into a warm heaven , so I decided it’s time to sort it out and de-clutter the place, as hopefully plenty more spring days are on their way here and I shall be able to make use of this lovely space. Oh and Easter is here  this weekend so it’s always handy for catch up tea and coffee breaks with family and those scrumptious sit-down-properly Easter roasts. Either way I’m now happy to walk in there again!



Oh and I tidied up my bookshelf a little and though you lot might like a sneak peak at my rather random subject collection. There’s a bit of everything- fashion, arts, languages, travel books and a ton of car repair manuals and cookbooks! 😀