♥ Who let the dogs out?! ♥

Ok, so earlier today I shared a video I found about icing your cupcakes to make them look like dogs. So I was rather keen to have a go at trying it and I’m pleased to announce I have a bunch of dogs sitting in the fridge now, eager to be let loose for mums birthday tomorrow! I made her favourite coffee and walnut cupcakes 🙂 Now as I’m a bit of a scrimper these days I used less ingredients for decorating and got away with some coffee buttercream and white and milk chocolate buttons. First few were a bit on the tricky side, but it gets better!


Another bunch of Cupcakes!

Yesterday I had another urge to get busy in the kitchen and thought I’ll l make some more fancy cupcakes. These were the best cupcakes ever!!!

  • Coconut & Raspberry with Raspberry Butter-cream
  • Carrot mini cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Lime cupcakes with Lime Meringue topping


Cupcake Madness

Last night I thought to myself I hadn’t made cupcakes for ages, so I set myself a mission to create some scrummy treats for my other half and his work colleagues. So today I spent about 3 hours in the kitchen attempting to create little beauties cupcakesthat would go down a storm on Cupcake Wars  , however I must admit my icing skills are not something worth bragging about… Either way I now have a fridge full of 3 types of cupcakes:

  • Caribbean cupcakes with lime&ginger butter-cream
  • Coffee cupcakes with rum butter-cream
  • Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate & Orange icing