♥ Who let the dogs out?! ♥

Ok, so earlier today I shared a video I found about icing your cupcakes to make them look like dogs. So I was rather keen to have a go at trying it and I’m pleased to announce I have a bunch of dogs sitting in the fridge now, eager to be let loose for mums birthday tomorrow! I made her favourite coffee and walnut cupcakes 🙂 Now as I’m a bit of a scrimper these days I used less ingredients for decorating and got away with some coffee buttercream and white and milk chocolate buttons. First few were a bit on the tricky side, but it gets better!


Share: Cupcake icing tutorial..

So I was looking around for ideas and found this really cool and simple tutorial. It tells you how to ice your cupcakes so they look like little dogs. As it’s my mum’s birthday tomorrow I thought it’s a good opportunity to try this technique out, fingers crossed it works!


Country Walks…

Rain free days have been a bit of a rarity recently with the super warm spring days one minute and the horridly freezing sleet the next. So whenever it appears to be fairly dry I religiously take my pup for a long walk around the fields. We’ve been sticking to 3 mile exploring missions, doesn’t seem much but, far enough to get super muddy and enjoy ourselves! Today was one of those more dryer days so we headed out and decided to take some pics 🙂

Printing on Fabric (Addictive)

So I’ve been recently exploring new techniques in the craft world and have come across printing on fabric with an inkjet printer. I must admit though it’s quite addictive! 😀 So my first project is finished- a pair of dachshunds on a pillow. For some reason the character of these puppies really cheered me up so though I’ll turn them into something cute. Bit of faux suede and some stitching and Voila! I have printed out some other dogs and puppies, however I’m currently working on another decorative pillow- this time it’s some kittens though!